print your own designs and artworks on fabric

print your own designs and artworks on fabric

Are you an artist in other media?  Imagine your designs in silk or linen.  Turn your patterns into clothes, pillowcases or scarves!  Its never been easier to sketch, try and produce.

- contributed by Suya Luo, owner and creator of
Suya is an artist, paints in watercolor and acrylic


I’ve been fortunate to be one of the first users of the FabricZoom printer. My dream of having my own drawings and artworks printed on fabric has come true!

FabricZoom opened my eyes to the process of fabric printing in small quantities. In-house printing is ideal for a small business like mine. I plan to sell my own designs on my website. Now with this on-demand printing, I’m confident I can offer unique designs of printed fabric that will differentiate myself from other commercial companies have to print their fabric in large orders. I’m spending less time and investment on my fabric collections project.

The photo gallery below shows you my enjoyable journey with FabricZoom!

Photos: With just one design, I could change the color combinations to various pairs; for example, with my red flower design you could print them in red and black or pink and green. I tiled the patterns using FabricZoom's software and printed them first on cotton, then linen, in different size patterns.



The butterfly design was printed on a textured-white-design fabric bought from the local fabric store.  This is special because the textile printing services cannot print on textured fabric.  First, I bought a swap for quilting from a store to try.  Once I liked the outcome of the printing, I went back and bought more of that same fabric.



For the scarf, my geometric design was originally in brown and black, but I used the FabricZoom software to change it to many combinations of colors and ended up with my favorite pink and green and it looked great on soft silk!  I made 10 silk scarves in a very short time.

Year 2017 is the Year of Chicken, so I designed and printed a chicken painting on linen.



Love it!  






One comment on “print your own designs and artworks on fabric”

  1. Monika Nguyen Nam says:

    Wonderful to find your individual designed pattern on the fabric of choice.
    Unlimited final applications – for your dress, hairband …
    in door decoration – furniture covers, curtains…
    This printer give a lot of opportunities for creative people.
    A big advantage is that it is easy to handle and self explaining.
    I can see that with Fabric

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