printing on custom-cut fabric

print on loose fabric

The FabricZoom printer lets you use store-bought fabric, and in small pieces. Normal printers are limited to printing by the bolt, which is too much for most small businesses or hobbyists. You are also usually limited in which fabrics your printer is capable of, since altering the thickness and stretch of the fabric changes the properties of printer’s rollers. At best, a conventional printer needs to be laboriously recalibrated for each new fabric. At FabricZoom, we realize that people want to load their own fabric and not have to spend an hour setting parameters and running test prints – and we engineered our printer with that in mind.

Our printer uses two adaptive systems that let you avoid recalibration: magnetic strips create tension in the fabric without requiring fine-tuning of the printer’s rollers, and a camera-based feedback system watches fabric motion, recalibrating itself every time the roller moves. Don’t worry – we spent a lot of time getting those systems working automatically, and that means you don’t have to do anything technical. Just tape your fabric to the roller, tell the system how much ink you want to use, and the onboard computer does the rest! Everything from roller speed to print offsets are calibrated for you, and recalibrate constantly to ensure reliable prints.

The FabricZoom printer has a dead space of only 10” – 6” at the top of the fabric and 4” on the bottom. That means you could usefully print a single yard of fabric, losing ten inches total at the ends. Bought two yards of habotai in the sale bin? No problem! We understand the quality of the fabric is as important as what’s printed on it, and the bland fabrics available for printing just don’t cut it. Our flagship FabricZoom printer is designed with natural fibers in mind, and our inks are optimized for cotton, linen, rayon and silk. Mixes can work, but synthetic fibers will not take the ink so its best to keep the proportion of synthetics low. We’ve tested over forty pure and blended fabrics.  In particular, 97% cotton/ 3% spandex returns great results. With a total print width of 54” and a maximum fabric width of 57”, the FabricZoom can take most common textiles sold by the bolt or by the yard.