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Suya is an artist, paints in watercolor and acrylic


As an early user of the FabricZoom printer, I love one of its features most - the ability to print on textured fabric. No one offers this service. Textured fabric can be a beautiful background; it captures light well and makes the design more interesting with unexpected effects.

With printing on-demand, I can have my trial-and-error on a small piece of textured fabric. Once I find the right design, I go back and purchase more of that same fabric. I feel I have more freedom to experiment, to be daring, and just to have fun with any materials I can lay my hands on!

The FabricZoom printer is flexible and can print on pre-dyed, stretchy, or thick fabric.  Even fabric with complex textures or stitch patterns can be printed over.  Fabrics with unusual materials, like the gold foil that I used here, can also be printed over (but the gold doesn't take the ink, so it looks like we're printing under the foil). The Photo Gallery below will help you understand how I implement the combination of textured fabric and fabric printing.

Photo Gallery:

I designed a set of spiral drawings influenced by the famous modern artist, Gustav Klint. Mr. Klint's design uses gold and dark colors. I first drew my spiral designs; then I knew that the printer can not print in gold so I searched for cotton with gold prints on it and found a zig-zag golden design from a local fabric store. I picked dark purple for the spirals and pink fruits on it for my design as dark purple will contrast with the golden background. The print came out beautifully! After washing, it looked like the gold foil was applied after the purple.

block textured print

In my hands is the textured cloth before printing


The second design on textured fabric is my butterfly design. I looked for a textured fabric that gave the feeling of plants or a garden and found this white textured fabric at the fabric store. My printing with stripes helped show the beautiful background and added sophistication to the butterfly design. I made this print a into a set of table cloths. Later on, I plan to print a larger butterfly design on a light blue fabric as a table runner, to go with this set of my table cloths.


Last is my design of Asian antiques. I have tried printing them on textured, thick, medium brown linen in which the color brown gave it a feel of solemn beauty and the rough texture with blue and black pattern gave it a strong sense. I’m still playing with this, so please visit the blog again to see the final result!






2 comments on “printing on textured fabric”

  1. Monika Nguyen Nam says:

    Wonderful to find your individual designed pattern on the fabric of choice.
    Unlimited final applications – for your dress, hairband …
    in door decoration – furniture covers, curtains…
    This printer give a lot of opportunities for creative people.
    A big advantage is that it is easy to handle and self explaining.
    I can see that with Fabriczoom many people can now realise their fashion dream.

  2. Thu Hoang says:

    Great ideas. Every design school should have this for their students.

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